In the studio we love producing our own work. To celebrate the arrival of a much loved new addition to the world, we handcrafted 3D letters, experimenting in the process with colours, shapes, textures and lines. They became more than just letters, they became stackable toys, that could be rolled and enjoyed in a playful way.


Experimental tactile illustration  - independent

in house project by Nearly Normal


Directed by

Nearly Normal


Creative Direction

Jaime Kiss & Saulo Jamariqueli



Joost Zoetebier


Art Department

Victoria Bee

Jess Deacon

Margherita Gaffarelli


Director of Photography

Jaime Kiss


Camera Operator

Jess Deacon

Jaime Kiss


Post Production

Jaime Kiss

Victoria Bee


With special thanks to G. F Smith, purveyors of finest paper